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Group coaching a another way to help adolescents and adults to reach new heights.

In group with similar interest individuals get the opportunity to brainstorm with a diverse population and use this added bonus to enlarge the idea pool.


We are offering a free coaching support group once per month on every first Monday of the month Starting July 11th (because of the holiday).

Adult group will be held at noon

Adolescent group will be help at 7;15pm.

See flyer bellow

For the month of July, due to July 4th celebrations, the group will be held on July 11th.


"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation." –Mahatma Gandhi


Please RSVP to reserve your spot.  

Telephone: 678 735 9188

You can call or text. 

Meetings are in person

Coming soon - virtual groups!

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