Mandy Y. Chester


I am a certified life coach since 2014. From the International Coaching Science Research Foundation.

Educational skills

I have a Bachelor's degree in education with a specialization in education for special needs, since 1990. For children all of all school ages.


I am in the process of getting my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I follow my dreams and work through life challenges to grow daily and enjoy the journey of my life.

Our Coaches

My Approach

  • I work from a place of strength and empowerment

  • I believe in encompassing body, mind and soul in every endeavor

  • Wellness, is what I strive for

  • Mindfulness is what I practice

  • I work from a person centered approach, which means the client comes first

  • I believe that you are capable of change and of living a meaningful life

Image by Peng Chen

Anna Sander


I am a certified weight management coach , I help people with weight loss/gain, create meal plans, activity routines. All in a fun and supportive environment

Educational skills

I am working on my Bachelor's degree in education to be complete at the end of this year.


I practice wellness daily, and believe that bringing positivity into my life is the first step towards maintaining a healthy life style.